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Nov 4, 2012 1:00pm PST
, thereby reducing any risk to the environment. it is a monumental challenge and a source of fascination. >> life seems idyllic in the hidden nooks of the small island. cappuccino on the port, fresh vegetables. >> business has been good this year thanks to the concordia accident. the'seen enoughork. >> the costa concordia. some 1000 tourists a turned up each day since it ran aground here last january. to set the things it is scandalous -- giuseppe thinks it is scandalous. and it is the same thing morning and night -- all these people taking photos without even thinking about what happened. >> local priest calls -- recalls the accident with a mixture of cheers and laughter. thousands of stranded passengers strip -- streamed into his church after the cruise ship ran aground. he provided them with blankets and even ceremonial robes. >> it was chaotic and freezing in here. our heating has been broken for many years. a lot of people wanted help. i did not know what else to do. >> the cruise company gave him a small statue from the costa concordia's chapel. it also part -- promised to provide
Oct 27, 2012 8:30am PDT
it is damaging the environment and ruining people's health. >> from the center, you cannot see what is happening in alps. people have been quarrying marble here since ancient times. even today, a bathtub or garden walk away made of this marble is considered the height of luxury. the region is dependent on marble. excavating equipment has been used and it has changed the surrounding durant -- surrounding landscape entirely. what was once an individual craft has turned into a mechanized industry. environmental activists are fighting against the destruction of the home region. >> to save the alps, the quarrries should be closed if they are at 1,400 meters or higher. >> a century ago, 120,000 tons of marble were quarried here annually. today, it is 5 million tons a year. only a quarter of this is raw material for stonecutters or studios like this one in carrera. the whole new industry is being served. today, 3/4 of the marble is ground to dust. these facilities, most belonging to multinational corporations, would not allow us to film inside. the dust is used for lacquers or paints or as
Nov 1, 2012 7:30am PDT
saying something about the environment. actually, i think it's a statement... about the rise of technology at the expense of the individual in today's society. i agree. oh, absolutely. th was very impressive. i hope so. it was a lot of work. i mean, thank you. rosa. i see you know your wines too. all in a day's wor dígale al sr. collins que le debería de aumentar su sueldo. what did he say ? he says you should give me a raise. i didn't think i should tell him i don't even work for you. well, maybe that's something we should lk about. federal safety rules are very strict. you really should be wearing gloves. if there were a safety hazard, i would know about it. well, u don't have to be so defensive. excuse me. your landlord's son doesn't need to learn about running a small business. he needs to learn some manners ! all right, jamal. take it easy. it's almost the end of the day. and the end of my patience. yesterday he told me my fingernails weren't clean enough. he told me i carried too many plates at one time. oh, come on. he told me he didn't like my hair. anyway, all i know
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3